Blooming Trends: Bridal Bouquet Inspirations for 2023/2024

Engy Elghannam
9/23/23, 11:00 AM

Each year, the preferences for flower arrangements at weddings change as specific blooms capture the attention of the wedding industry and couples exchanging vows. In 2022, there was a notable rise in lively and eye-catching floral displays, with a particular fondness for baby's breath. If you're curious about the current wedding bouquet trends for 2023/2024, expect a more subtle approach to the floral designs that brides, bridesmaids, and soon-to-be partners will carry down the aisle. So, let's immerse ourselves in these charming and stylish bouquet trends, each one showing a special kind of love and uniqueness.

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A Glimpse into the Wedding Bouquet Trends of 2023/2024 

Mono-bloom bouquets 

Mono-bloom bouquets are currently in high demand for both brides and bridesmaids. This approach involves using a single type of flower for the entire bouquet. It creates a sleek and simplified look that aligns well with the modern design trend. Also, this style is often achieved using flowers like hellebore, sweet pea, petite garden roses, and lily of the valley.


Petite bouquets

Petite bouquets are gaining momentum for both brides and bridesmaids. It's very obvious that bridal bouquets have been scaled down, allowing the wedding gown to shine in photos. Bridesmaid bouquets are more of an accent than a focal point, often resembling a small posy. We can see that the focus is on creating small bouquets with a striking focal flower, such as a large peony.

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Less greenery

Unlike previous years, where bouquets were filled with abundant greenery, this year's designs feature a more restrained use of foliage. We're seeing bouquets with minimal to no greenery used as fillers. Texture and movement are still present, but it's clear that colored foliage or smaller blooms are being incorporated as accents.

The dusty blue hue

The color trend of 2023 is the resurgence of dusty blue. Dusty blue has made a noticeable comeback. It has become quite popular for many events. Typically, it's used as a subtle accent or enhancement to existing color palettes, especially neutral ones.

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Elegant cascading bouquets

Brides are gravitating towards elegant cascading bouquets characterized by asymmetrical, sculptural styles with dynamic movement and texture. It's a modern twist on the classic cascade, often incorporating elements like hanging Amaranthus. 

Wrapped wedding bouquets

A significant trend for this year is the use of wrapped wedding bouquets. Beautiful ribbons help brides tie their bouquets into the wedding's color scheme, adding a touch of whimsical elegance to the already stunning array of flowers.



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