What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘goodness’? A lot of us automatically think of charity, when the truth is that goodness comes in many different forms and ways that can be done everyday! The most beautiful thing we can do is to remind ourselves of the good within us and to try and show it with the simplest random acts towards a stranger.

From here, Cadbury Dairy Milk decided on their campaign, “الحلو جواك- املا الدنيا بالحلو إللي جواك” under the hashtag #الحلو_جواك. The campaign aims to encourage people to find the generosity and goodness within them, even if it’s in the form of the most simple act or gesture. They found a great way to spread this message through choosing a group of celebrities, among them, Sherine Hamdy and Zap Tharwat, and asking them to let out the goodness inside them through an act of generosity that brings joy to someone else.

The challenge begins with a Scavenger Hunt for Good Deeds. Cadbury will send a collection of suggestions of simple acts of goodness. The celebrity can choose the act they want and announce their choice and action on their social media platform, extending the challenge to someone else and therefore spreading the circle of goodness and generosity.

Even though the gestures are very small and simple, they will for sure make a difference with both the giver and receiver. The most important thing behind the campaign is to constantly remind yourself to find the good inside you and share it with those around you. Because, who doesn’t feel a great sense of joy when given a small gift or receiving an unexpected phone call from someone we care about.

We encourage you to join us and Cadbury in this campaign, as maybe this is what the world needs to spread just a little goodness and happiness all around.