We talked about how to save money in your teens, not let's get to your 20s. If you're looking for how to be smart with money in your 20s these money managing tips could really help you out. From budgeting to organization and other smart tips, here's how to save money in your 20s.

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How to manage your money in your 20s:

1. Meal Prep

For the sake of your wallet, meal prep. Every Saturday take the time to cook for the week. Make sure you make enough for lunches for the entire week. All it takes is a couple of hours and you'll be done! You’ll buy groceries for a fraction of what you’ll spend ordering food. You can cook for two people for less of what you could spend alone ordering take out. It is often so tempting to take the easy way out and live off ordering takeout online, but the truth is that food costs add up very quickly.

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2. Budgeting in your 20s

If you have a budget, you’ll know what you can and can't afford. Create a budget, track your expenses, and check your bank and credit card balances every day. A lot of people don't spend with a budget in mind. Instead they just look at how much they have left in their bank account and check if they'll be able to buy something or not. A budget will help you be a million times more efficient and organized with your money. If you find it hard to stay organized with a budget, there are so many cool apps that you can download and use to and input and track how much you're spending. 

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3. Spending on big items with installments

When it comes to paying something expensive in installments, it's important that you look at the final price and negotiate, don't like focus on the monthly payments because it's a bit more complex than that. There are terms and conditions and you might find yourself ending up paying a lot more than you imagined. The monthly payment might sound intriguing but what about the final price? Would you be willing to pay that overall amount? Remember to look at every detail and see how much you'll end up paying with the added numbers and interest. This helps you be more organized and smart with your choices so you're when the offer is or isn't worth it. 

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4. Going from a 2 income household to just one

If a baby is on the way, expenses and your lifestyle can go through a lot of changes. Of course, a maternity leave is ideal, but if you wanted to quit and stay at home, the loss of one income can really affect your expenses. So, whichever plan you have in mind, try to keep an emergency fund that's for example worth 6 months of expenses. That way the stay at home parent can take time needed with the baby, but the decrease in monthly income isn't as drastic on their lifestyle. 

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5. Easy quick cash

Why not try selling things that you don't need or want any more? 100 pounds for a piece may not feel like it's worth it, but a 100, a 200, another 100 and so on...will build up and help you save a lot.  You'll also clear clutter around the house and have a couple of extra hundred pounds. In our 20s we can tend to hoard and have way too much stuff in our homes. Re-organizing, donating and selling stuff, can be really help. You can also easily use online platforms like Instagram and Facebook Marketplace to sell and offer any unwanted items.

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