As a teenager, it's often hard to resist buying something or eating somewhere, especially if  all  our friends are doing so. So, a lot of teenagers look for money management tips for teens, especially if they're looking to save some money, for their future or to. get something they really want. So, let's talk about how you can be more organized with your money and learn how to save money as a teenager without having to stop doing things you enjoy.

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How to manage your money as a teenager:

1. A monthly allowance is better than a daily allowance

If you really want to take more control of your allowance, ask your parents to give you your allowance on a monthly basis instead of everyday. This is so that you can easily calculate your needs during the month, what amount you should spend and how much you want to save...

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2. Your needs are different from the needs of others

If we just get what others are getting, without checking to see if we actually need or even want it,   saving money will be very difficult.  So if you really want to save some money, try to keep in mind that we're all different and unique. So, differentiate your needs from others and check to see what's actually suitable or right for you. 

3. Write down and organize your expenses

I think the best thing you can do at any age and not just in your teens is to write down all the things you need that month, and then calculate their total cost so you know exactly how much you will spend.

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4. A fixed amount for saving

Do not leave savings undefined or dependent on how much money will be left at the end of the month. Instead, set a specific amount that you must save. Take it out of your pocket money or wallet at the beginning of the month.  You can even adjust what you need this month based on the remaining amount from your allowance and postpone the unnecessary items for the next time.

5. Keep your savings out of reach

If you still do not have a private bank account, you can put the amount that you're saving in a safe place out of your reach, so that you do not spend it or reach out for it easily. You could even keep it with a parent, sibling or guardian. 

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6. Use your student ID

I personally overlooked this trick a lot when I was in my teens, although it could a lot of money. Using your student card or card, can get you a lot of discounts. Like, public transportation, some medical clinics, sporting clubs, and others. 

7. Look for sales

We all know that shopping can be hard to resist, especially with social media displaying products to try every 5 minutes. But always remember to be smart with your shopping because you could find the exact same things on sale for a lot less money.

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8. Get the things you need right now

Every age needs different things. For example, you don't need and anti-aging cream right now, you could need however a moisturizer or lip balm. Read the packaging and guidelines first to see if this is the right product for you. 

9. Ask for help

Our parents, or guardians, have a lot more experience with money so they could really help you out with some of their tips and guide your through it. If you feel like saving, but do not know where to start, go and ask for help.

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10. Remind yourself of the importance of saving money

Finally, we cannot do anything in life consistently and with passion without truly believing in it's value and importance. So, if you want to take all these previous steps and stick to them, try to always remind yourself of the importance of learning to save, and how the money that you save today will help you buy something you really need, or reward yourself with something you really want, another day.

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