People always perceive a single woman as a sad woman sitting on a bench waiting for the one to come make her dreams come true, while the truth is completely the opposite! While there’s no doubt that you can have fun and achieve goals whether you’re single or married, but being single help might make things easier for you. Why? That's just because you have less commitments to other people like husbands and children. This is dedicated to all the single ladies out there - here are 31 things all single women should enjoy doing while they can:

1. Travel alone to a country you always wanted to visit.

2. Start eating healthy, and take more time to look after yourself.

3. Start working out regularly, and build the body you always wanted to have.

4. Learn something new, something you never considered learning before.

5. Apply for a master’s degree or any graduate studies.

6. Meditate every day for 10 minutes, and be thankful for everything you have and don’t have.

7. You know that project you’ve been postponing for a long time now? It’s about time to start working on it.

8. Take that decision you’ve been afraid to take for a long time now.

9. Be completely financially independent.

10. Spend more time with your family.

11. Spend more time pampering yourself; get that massage you wanted for so long.

12. Pick one thing you are afraid of doing and do it, to break your fear. How about sky diving?

13. Take the time to help someone close to you, even if it doesn’t interest you, like helping your nephew or niece study.

14. Dedicate some time to help the less fortunate.

15. Go camping with your girlfriends.

16. Stay up until dawn and watch the sunrise.

17. Take a dancing class.

18. Write everything you feel every day in a diary.

19. Work hard to achieve your goals.

20. Go for an adventure, an adventure doesn’t have to be in a jungle; a dangerous ride can be an adventure to you.

21. Experience new types of food and restaurants with people you love.

22. Let go of toxic friends and relationships.

23. If you don’t like reading, I really recommend to start reading; some books are really life changing.

24. Take the time to sit and enjoy your favorite movie, without any interruptions or taking phone calls.

25. Take on a new sport.

26. Travel somewhere new with a group of friends.

27. If you can’t cook, learn to cook for yourself.

28. Learn to enjoy your time alone.

29. Change your career if you don’t like it, move on, you’re not a tree and life won’t end there.

30. Adopt a pet.

31. Don't be afraid to make new friends, and to make new memories.