Do you have a crush on that handsome guy who never fails to make all girls fall for him? We have to warn you he's a handful, but let's face it, he can be really fun as well. But once he decides to be loyal and picks the perfect girl who puts up with his flirtatious habits, he’ll be your faithful partner. There are two types of players out there: the ones who had their hearts broken pretty badly in the past and the ones who get bored easily and hence switch from one girl to the other. Now, reaching up to this point of the article means you're still determined on knowing how to outplay the player and get him to be in a serious relationship with you. If we have to give you a hint, it's all about self-control (from your side). Now, here are some signs to tell you that he’s a player and how to outplay him.

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1. Attention is The Best Way to Outplay the Player

Play a little game of hot and cold! Be talkative and friendly for a couple of days and then disappear. He will love the attention, but when you go off the radar, he'll certainly be wondering where you are. He's not really used to getting the cold shoulder, and when you start giving him mixed signals, you'll be getting on his mind much more often than you think.

2. Be a Friend to Him

Remember in "The Ugly Truth" when Gerard Butler fell head over heels for Katherine Heigl without her even trying? Well, she was there for him as a friend, and bit by bit, he started opening up and showing his sensitive side. So the key to knowing how to outplay the player is to get him close enough to you, make him used to seeing you regularly, and make him rely on you.

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3. Fascinate Him

Players are usually smart because it requires brains to make tons of girls fall for them. Having said that, it also means he'll be looking for a one-of-a-kind girl who has the brains, a great personality, and good looks. Beat him in his game in a flirty way and go for a sexy red dress (nothing too revealing though to leave him wondering) and then talk about something smart and sophisticated. A unique sense of style and looking flawlessly gorgeous will go a long way, don’t you think? There you have it; that's what we call the perfect mix to outplay a real player.

4. Emotions Matter … Even to the Players

After sweeping him off of his feet, it's time to get a little personal. One of the main signs he is a player is that he is emotionally unavailable. How about trying to connect with him emotionally? Let him talk more about himself and give him enough space and trust to give you some personal details about himself.

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5. Be Anything But Boring

Never be predictable! Be fun, outgoing, exciting, and most importantly, versatile. This is one smart trick to make him always interested in you and intrigued by what you could do.

6. His Friends Can Help Too!

If you get a chance to meet his friends or he asks you to join him at dinner with his mates, make sure you leave a good impression on them. Did we mention players enjoy the attention very much? If he asked you out to meet his friends, chances are he already likes you, so why not try to make him a tiny bit jealous? Here's what you need to do. During that outing, be extra friendly or talkative with one of his friends. If he keeps gawking at you, then you're on the right path!

7. Don’t Always Be Available

Wondering how to outplay your crush in a sneaky way? Don't always agree to go out whenever he asks you. You can simply tell him that you’re busy and take this chance to actually spend some time with your girlfriends instead. Later on, mention how fun it was to see them so he knows that you can have fun without him. Moreover, he’s probably the kind of guy who jumps from one place to another and doesn’t settle or stay at home, so you just need to act like him or make him believe that you’re always busy too.

8. Jealousy Is a Big No-No 

We know most women can't control being jealous, especially when it comes to a guy they’re into. However, showing him that you're jealous is something you need to avoid completely. He's a player, which means flirting around is a hobby. Just play it cool! Plus, jealousy will only indicate that you’re not self-confident, which is the last thing you want to hint at while trying to make him fall for you.

9. Show Him You Have Other Options!

Okay, so here's an important one for you ladies trying to outplay a playboy! Players would never go for a woman who's not confident, so dig deep and bring your self-confidence to life if it's not already there. You need to know and show him that you love yourself and you know how worthy you are. Another thing to help you outplay the player is to show him that you're keeping your options open; meaning that you’re open to having a relationship with other people. However, you don’t want to say it directly or make him feel like he’s not an option himself. You’re cool, confident, open, and determined. Just trust your gut and go get your guy!

10. Find out Why He’s The Way He Is

The greatest way to proceed is usually to analyze the situation. What motivates him to chase relationships with other women? Do you expect him to become more mature in the future? You need to find out not only if he wants to settle down right away, but also if he would ever want to someday! Otherwise, you may be wasting your time chasing someone who doesn’t believe in marriage.

11. Display Your Unique Self

Try to make yourself stand out from the rest. Make an impression on him, and make sure he never forgets the pleasures of being with you. You might, for instance, play the piano expertly or have a neat collection of baseball cards. Show him your talents and skills in whatever you are passionate about! You will undoubtedly stand out if you do it this way.

12. Show Him That You’re Enough

He will be yours forever if you can convince him that you are the only woman he needs! By cooking, cleaning, having a job, and having your own aspirations, you may demonstrate to him that you are well-rounded. If, for example, you’re into sports, join a team and become active. To demonstrate that you are not desperate and alone, have hobbies outside of the relationship. When he sees that you’re an accomplished woman who doesn’t need a man to become successful, he’ll be amazed and obsessed.

13. Make Him Feel Appreciated

Don't act snobbish if he makes small gestures to impress you.  Before your date, let him know you appreciate the flowers he sent! Say "Thank You!" for the sweet things he does to be a gentleman! Because you expressed your sensitive side, you'll feel so much better about the date and realize that he believes you are a keeper.

When it comes to expressing feelings, your guy can be quite reserved and closed off. It can almost feel like he’s pulling away from you, leaving you to wonder if he is genuinely interested in you. Things become trickier when your crush is a player. We hope these tips help you get your guy. And always remember that if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen, so don’t stress too much about it.

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