Whenever we recall vintage Arab actresses, we find that their mental images in our brains is always related to short hair. Nowadays, this trend has powerfully come back not just in one height, but in many hairstyles. Whether curly, wavy or straight, short hair is the most trending hairstyle this winter.

We witnessed a lot of actresses with pixie hairstyles last summer. This winter, shoulder length hair took over a bit more, and how it amazingly matches almost every fashion style is jaw-dropping. Whether you decide to go for a casual turtle neck jumper, or you have a soiree night, this length will just perfectly fit your style. Some actresses such as Arwa Gouda, Menna Shalaby, Mona Zaki or Shereen Reda even went for a shorter haircut, and they absolutely nailed it.

I can hear you. Yes, every face shape goes well with a certain hairstyle. And that's what we're here to show you. What's beautiful about short hairstyle is that it has a wide range of styles to match different face shapes. Here are some of the celebrities that absolutely aced their short hairstyle, check these photos out and pick your favorite!

Main image credits: Instagram @sabamubarak