Beauty Time Machine: The Magic of Vintage-Retro Inspired Hairdos
Engy Elghannam
5/22/23, 11:00 AM

Get ready to step into a world of timeless beauty and irresistible charm as we delve into the captivating realm of vintage-retro-inspired hairstyles. These iconic and nostalgic hairdos have been making waves throughout the years, enchanting us with their elegance, glamour, and a touch of old-world allure. From the finger waves of the ‘20s to the romantic waves of the ’30s and the beehives of the '60s, these hairstyles carry the spirit of the golden eras while still captivating the hearts of modern-day fashionistas. So, get ready to unleash your inner vintage sexy woman and make heads turn with these timeless and unforgettable hairstyles.

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Join us on this journey of timeless beauty, where vintage meets modern

Retro romantic waves

The glamorous vintage soft pinned curls swept the hearts of all the fashionistas in the 30s, and now they are making a total comeback. Softly pinned curls took center stage, with their signature features of a deep side part, sleek tresses at the crown, and cascading, luscious curls at the ends. This divine hairstyle exuded an air of relaxed elegance and gave it a clean and luxurious look.

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Vintage Ponytail

Get ready to turn heads because the vintage retro ponytail is making a dazzling comeback. This timeless hairstyle is here to steal the show once again. To achieve this fabulous look, start by gathering a section of your locks at the crown, giving it a gentle tease for some mesmerizing volume, then, with a touch as light as a feather, brush your strands to perfection, ensuring a silky-smooth finish, then tie that ponytail above your graceful nape. Now, you're a vision of vintage glamour with a modern twist. So, go ahead and rock that vintage retro ponytail like the sassy and confident trendsetter you are.

Retro finger waves

Alright, get ready to channel that roaring '20s sass, because finger waves are back, baby. These small, defined 'curves near your scalp are pure magic, especially when it comes to framing that gorgeous face of yours. So, it's time to own those finger waves and show the world that you're a modern-day flapper, and get ready to slay, my darlings.

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Flipped-out short bob

Hey gorgeous! We're diving straight into the groovy '60s with an iconic flipped-out short bob that'll have you feeling like a total boss babe. This fierce and fabulous hairstyle screams proper, polished, and in complete control. But here's a little secret to take it to the next level of fabulousness: tease that crown girl and add some voluminous drama to your hair. It's all about amplifying that 'do and making a statement. So, get ready to rock that flipped-out short bob with extra attitude and confidence.

Gibson roll

Image credit: Silvia Bernaba

Listen up, girl, get ready to immerse yourself in timeless beauty with the fancy Gibson roll (or tuck). This vintage hairstyle is a true gem that continues to shine even in our modern times. Let me tell you, this head-turning look is perfect for any occasion or formal event. Picture yourself strutting in with that Gibson roll, exuding elegance and sophistication like a true vintage woman. Smooth it out, tame those flyaways, and get ready to unleash the sheer beauty of the Gibson roll.

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Pin-up hair

Let's take a trip down memory lane to our grandma's era, where big bows ruled the fashion game. Those oversized bows were an absolute hit back in the day. It's definitely an effortlessly chic and utterly fabulous look that exudes pure elegance. Get ready to turn heads and make a fashion statement that takes us back to the golden era of big bows and bold style. It's time to rock that retro charm like a fierce fashionista.

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