Many people wonder, how to lose weight during Ramadan?, especially with the drastic changes in our eating habits during Ramadan. You should know that one of the main things, to help you lose weight in Ramadan, depends on substituting and monitoring your meals. According to Sally Fouad, Iftar is equivalent to a lunch meal, and Suhoor is equivalent to breakfast. So, let’s check Sally Fouad's guide to Ramadan weight loss.

Fitting in 1 workout during your day will also definitely help.

Sally Foad's Iftar Tips:

- Break your fast gradually. Which means that you drink water, eat a date with a cup of milk, or drink a cup of fresh orange juice, and have a bowl of soup. Then take a 5 minute break before you eat again.

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Go back to eat Iftar, and begin with a salad, then have a little bit of carbs, and of course protein that was preferably grilled.

- Wait for three hours before having 1 portion of your favorite fruit.

- Try to avoid Ramadan’s famous desserts and drinks at all costs!

Sally Foad's Suhoor Tips:

- Eat dairy products, like cheese, milk and and preferably yoghurt. Try to avoid having any carbs.

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Sally Foad's Weight Loss Plan for Ramadan:

1. Avoid eating anything that's fried or too fatty, instead eat a lot of grilled vegetables and protein.

2. If you really want to eat carbs, then eat complex carbohydrates like, multi-grain bread, vegetables and beans. Also, having 1 or 2 dates to break your fast is great, because dates are a great source of fiber, sugar, potassium, magnesium and the energy the human body needs to function properly.

3. Avoid drinks that have a lot of sugar added to it, like hibiscus and Qamar Al-Din.

4. Try not to overfill your stomach, leave 1/3 of your stomach free.

5. Drinking a good amount of water is crucial for your body.

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6. Drinking a lot of tea and coffee dehydrates your body, and absorbs calcium.

7. Drink rayeb milk or eat yogurt before you go to bed. To burn calories while you sleep, squeeze half a lemon on your yogurt and eat it right before you go to bed.

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