The 2021 Golden Globes beauty looks didn't not go by unnoticed. Despite this year's circumstances, there were still stunning celebrity makeup looks and inspiring hairstyles. 

Golden Globes 2021: All the Celebrity Looks of the Night!

The makeup at the Golden Globes was mostly natural, fresh and youthful which looked great on Zoom. A lot of celebrities had on rosey tones and monochrome makeup looks with a few natural and subtle but effective and flattering liners. 

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golden globes 2021 beauty looks

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We took a little closer look at the Golden Globes 2021 hairstyles and makeup looks to find some beauty secrets and tips that standout. So here are some red carpet beauty secrets and 2021 beauty trends we caught at the Golden Globes

Inspiration can be found anywhere

golden globes 2021 beauty looks

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Now Golden Globes winner, Emma Corrin's stunning makeup look was inspired by this painting. Her makeup artist, Florrie White, reminded us all that inspiration can be found anywhere, and creativity can come from anywhere if we keep our eyes and mind open.

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Why are we forgetting about side parts?

golden globes 2021 beauty looks

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I've always been and probably always will be the biggest fan of a side part. This year's Golden Globes' hairstyles made me really happy to see that it is being loved, appreciated and is looking as gorgeous as ever. A deep side part is so chic, flattering and a quick way to instantly add elegance to a look. 

That glow is not going anywhere

golden globes 2021 beauty looks

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You know how a few years ago people were obsessed with highlighters and that glow? Well they still are and it's still as powerful as ever. Most of us just go ahead and highlight our cheekbones and brow bones, but as we can see here on these stunning women, highlighting other areas can be really impactful as well. Don't forget your collar bones, shoulders and above your brow arch as well. You can also use a blush with a shimmery base or mix your blush with your highlighter for a stunning lit from within look, just go for something less glittery and more gleaming.

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A sleek hairstyle just takes things to a whole other level

golden globes 2021 beauty looks

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Yes, they really do. Not only do they make a look a lot more chic, they can also make it look a lot cooler. The best thing is there isn't one way to do a sleek hair do. It can be done in so many different ways depending on your hair, what suits you the most and the look you're trying to achieve. 

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There are endless ways to add color

golden globes 2021 beauty looks

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There really is. Don't limit yourself to with just a glitter eyeliner and bold lip. I know these aren't actually limiting, but my point is that there are creative ways we often forget that can also introduce color to your makeup look. For example, Cynthia Erivo's makeup artist Terrell Mullin, brilliantly added a purple wing to her, not upper, but bottom lash line. Also, matte colored eyeshadows can be pretty powerful and allow yourself to play around with different color combos.

A red lip + A Bob = A Match made in heaven

golden globes 2021 beauty looks

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One of the first things I did when I cut my hair short a couple of years ago was run to my drawer to try on a red lip with it. I had nothing else on my face and it looked really cool and chic. It's a classic flattering combo. It's hard to explain what it really is about them that make them look so great together, but these looks here are a great example of that. 

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What's the secret to a classic Hollywood glamour look?

golden globes 2021 beauty looks

Image Credits: Instagram @renatocampora - Instagram @garethgatrell Via Instagram @ellefanning

Well apparently, it's not just retro waves and a liner, it's also a peachy nude lip. You know, the classic Audrey Hepburn lip color from Breakfast at Tiffany's. It's chic, subtle, feminine and a simple classic makeup look like this...pretty iconic. 

Curly updos are just as chic

golden globes 2021 beauty looks

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It's a shame that it is 2021 and we're still struggling to see curly hair be represented enough, especially with evening looks. These 2 actresses' Golden Globes look were such a gorgeous and important reminded that curly hair is stunning with an updo! You don't need to have your hair slicked back and straight to pull your up in a chic bun, curly hair updos are really chic, interesting and beautiful for a dreamy, effortless, ethereal look. 

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