Nail polish trends change every year and even every season. However, there are some nail polish colors that dominate the fashion world, and become very popular with all their different shades and degrees. This is what happened when green nail polish with all its color pallete was present for fall and winter 2019/2020. It's a great color because it can vary from popping statement shades to more muted chic green nail polish colors. I know you might be hesitating to try it, but give it a chance and get to know the green nail polish tones that are popular right now...

Green Nail Polish Shades That Are Popular Right Now


A lot of green nail polish colors caught our attention. Pastel green nails and dark grassy shades were the most popular. Olive green nail polish inspired by army green shades is also one of the most popular shades right now. Anything neon is also still popular and that includes neon nail polish in its many shades of green. 

Green Nail Polish Colors to Flatter Your Skin Tone


Because there are so many shades of green that are popular right now, you can pick the shades that are most flattering for your skin tone. If have bronzed skin or fair skin, choose a bright, tree colored green or  you can go for olive or emerald green as well. If you have really fair skin, pastel or neon green would be really flattering. 

Green Nail Polish Shades for Different Occasions/Moods


If you're really interested in a green manicure this fall and winter, don't limit yourself to just one green nail polish shade. You can have multiple degrees of green depending on your occasion and mood. You can try neon green nail polish for morning looks when you want it to pop in the light or if you're going out dancing at night. Pastel green nail polish, pistachio green shades or army green nail polish are great for everyday or afternoon looks. As for evenings there's nothing better than an emerald green nail polish or dark sexy green shades that will give a striking, flattering look to the nails.