The popular Egyptian TV show 'El Setat maye3rafoush yekdebo' has been known for consecutive years now for how it tackles powerful topics that concern women in the Arab world. One of the most common relationship problems that the show discussed in its last episode was how a women reacts to finding out about her husband cheating. The show presented the opinions of 6 different women, and today, we decided to discuss them with you.

1. One of the women who's been in the situation of being cheated on by her husband, said that she regrets taking an aggressive reaction towards the incident. She stated that she believes that this was the reason behind the loss of her home and the love of her life. She also added a piece of advice to every woman telling her not to stalk her husband in order not to find anything that may make her upset!

2. Another woman took the other path of forgiving her husband after he cheated on her. At first, she insisted on getting a divorce, then, after his strong begging, she decided to stay. This woman says she regrets it as she suspects her husband's every move today.

3. Then, one of the six women strongly stated how cheating shouldn't be forgiven, and that a man who does this is not a trustworthy one who deserves what they call a "second chance".

4. Another woman had a very unusual perspective! She said that she would understand if her husband came and asked her to marry another woman. What she won't forgive, is him cheating on her with several women from time to time.

5. Stating that she installed a spying applications on her ex-fiance's cell phone, one of the six women said that she immediately broke up with her partner after his cheating was proved!

6. "Some feelings shouldn't be prioritized when it comes to marriage; even if it has to do with cheating" that was what one of the women said, believing that this is a problem that could be solved.

Then, Mofida Shiha, the show host, decided to share her own personal experience when she was cheated on. She said she immediately asked for a divorce, took her 1 month old baby and went to her family's house. She firmly stated how cheating shouldn't be forgiven.

Now, we've presented you with 6 different perspectives on cheating, which one do you think you can relate to the most?


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