2019's Fall/Winter ready-to-wear fashion week has been really exciting so far, not just for its boldness (which we also saw last summer) but also for its 'easy to wear' vibe and charisma. Sexiness in 2019 is not found in fitted silhouettes but bold patterns and voluminous outfits. Check out the trends that caught out eye so far from New York's Fall/Winter 2019 runway

1. Plaid


There is a reason I chose plaid to be the first one on the list and it's because plaid was almost in every collection I came across this fashion week, so far. It was very present this year, more than ever before. It has been in stores for a while now but my guess is it's going to be dominating fashion on a much higher level next year's fall.

2. Tights


The 'Blair Waldorf' tights are back on the runway again and I'm so excited. I've never really understood how to style colored tights but after seeing so many of them on the runway, I'm getting really inspired. Opaque tights were styled with skirts, dresses and even under pants for a more sexy and bold take on winter fashion. Sheer tights were also present in some looks and the most interesting  were patterned tights as seen at Rodarte and Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

3. Feathers


Feathers also came strongly this season. It was incorporated into dresses, skirts and jackets. It a is a very lively, textured and loud material, so it captures your attention and adds the perfect flare and a youthful aspect to what we're used to from traditional fur designs. 

4. Monochrome


My personal favorite so far. This isn't the first season we see the monochromatic trend, but what I love about this season is how the looks were created by pairing together different tones of the same color. It's refreshing to see the perspective change on wearing head to toe of the same color or color family. A neutral monochromatic look almost turns into being a statement because of how sophisticated and modern the final result is. 

5. Abstract Patterns


Tie-dye, water marble and big statement floral prints are here and strong for fall. Some of these prints were even shown on tights. Now we're not surprised about abstract prints making their way to the runway, but tie-dye was a bit of a surprise. This is a situation, however, that fits what I said about the return of the hair clip trend, the best thing about when something comes back in trend, is that comes back even stronger and better than it was before.

6. Loose and Oversized


Another big runway trend that I think is here to stay, and thankfully so because of its importance in showing that sexy can be more than what we're used to, is big, loose and oversized looks. Oversized jackets and pants have been around, but what really captured my admiration was seeing outfits fully from head to toe that are not form fitting or contouring to the body, while still looking sexy and extremely powerful. The movement of the clothes was beautiful because of how they were almost overflowing with material, but in a precise and calculated way. 

7. Skirts


Statement, long and flowy skirts are so popular and are being shown on the runway in a such a modern and versatile way. I also noticed through fashion week coverage on Instagram, people talking about a noticeable prominent skirts trend, where the length is almost 'midi/maxi' just grazing the ankles.  

8. Aviator Jacket


It's a classic, it's comfy, it keeps your warm and it practically goes with everything. So it brought me joy to see so much of it on New York fashion week's 2019 runway. It instantly adds a cool, and effortless aspect to any look and can elevate a simple outfit into being a tad more impressive. 


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All Image Credits: Now Fashion