40 Things To Do Before Turning 40!

Mariam Youssef
9/4/23, 10:00 AM

Whether you’re in your early 30s or a month away from turning 40, there are plenty of things waiting for you to do. If you think about the things you missed out on, you may feel bad that there are a few things you’ve done in your life that you’re actually proud of. Well, our list is not meant to complicate things or make you regret anything. The following list will demonstrate 40 fun, thrilling things you can do before you turn 40, so are you ready for the adventure?

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1- Hire an interior designer

If you feel like your space doesn’t reflect your personality, one of the most fruitful things to do is to hire an interior designer to create a space that mirrors your unique personality.

2- Create a social-media schedule

We understand that social media has become rooted in our lives and jobs too. So, it is difficult to simply shut it down, especially when your job depends on it. However, you can always take a break from social media for a couple of days to enjoy a state of calmness and get some peace of mind.

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3- Throw away expired makeup

Most of us hardly go through our makeup collection and check expiration dates. Well, now is the right time to do so. You don’t need any expired products touching your face!

4- Book a photo session

You’re living in your prime years now, so a nice photo session will help you see how beautiful you are and appreciate the moments you’ve had so far. Don’t rely on selfies or friends taking photos of you. Document the moment, dress up, and have fun.

5- Go on a date alone

You don’t necessarily need a partner or someone else to go out with you to have a date. Take yourself on a date, do the things you love, and have the utmost fun enjoying your own company. You’re so fun to be around, so why not have the best date ever with yourself?

6- A single trip

It is time to experience traveling alone. If you could go on a date with yourself, you definitely can travel alone and still enjoy yourself.

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7- Take dance lessons

Music and dancing never fail to make anyone happy. If these things are important to you, why not improve your natural talent and do something you love? Try Hip hop, salsa, Jazz, Zumba, modern, or contemporary dance lessons.

8- Try new coffee shops

You’ve probably settled on a specific type of coffee that you go for every day and are not willing to change it. If you think about it, why not try something new? Maybe you’ll find other interesting choices.

9- Watch a new genre

Which genre is your favorite? Is it rom-com? Horror? Thriller? Try to commit to a show from a different genre you haven’t experienced before.

10- Learn a new language

We’re not suggesting that you become fluent in another language. Just learn the basics of a language you’ve always wanted to learn.

11- Clean out your closet

Your style has probably changed over the years, so we bet that plenty of clothing pieces in your closet no longer appeal to you. Take out everything and clean your closet thoroughly.

12- Run 15 Kilometers

If you’re an active person or have been into running for some time, challenge yourself and your body and run a long distance.

13- Invest in a decorative piece

You know when you’re at a mall and pass by a magnificent piece of art but never imagine owning it because it’s expensive? Why not actually invest in this piece since you like it so much and it will truly add a mesmerizing touch to your home?

14- Use your fancy unopened things

How long have you had this fancy dress with the tag on it? When did you buy your extravagant candle that you never lit? We think it’s time to use and enjoy those things.

15- Create a playlist and send it to someone

Do you remember the mixed tape and CD era? Bring that back by creating a personalized playlist and send it to someone you care about, be it a friend or a crush.

16- Upgrade your intimates

Do you think your bras and panties flatter your body and make you look sexy? If your answer is no, it is certainly time for an upgrade, even if no one else will see them. You need to feel sexy in every way.

17- Go on a night out

Do you enjoy it when a party has a theme? Sequins? Elegant black tie? Plan an exquisite night out by yourself. Wear a fancy dress, glam makeup, lux shoes, and top-notch jewelry and go out.

18- Buy a nice piece of jewelry

Speaking of which, if you don’t already have a unique, luxurious piece of jewelry, buy yourself one. You deserve it!

19- Visit an art gallery

There are multiple art galleries in Egypt that you can visit and enjoy the true art. Unleash your inner artist and have fun.

20- Attend a music concert

Whether the concert hosts your favorite singer or pianist, you have to go at least once in your life to a live concert. It’s a whole different vibe!

21- Road trip to cities you’ve never been to

22- Have a picnic at the park with your friends

23- Try a new nail service

24- Hang out with your friends instead of saying “Let’s hang out soon”

25- Take a course you’ve always wanted

26- Plant something and eat it

27- Host a crazy, memorable party

28- Go camping and sleep under the stars

29- Treat your parents to a fancy dinner

30- Send a letter or DM an idol that means a lot to you

31- Have 3 months salary in your savings account

32- Own a pet

33- Do volunteer work

34- Become debt-free

35- Reach manager level in your job

36- Fly first class

37- Experience snow (ski, skate, or travel to a snowy destination)

38- Pass a difficult exam

39- Learn how to dive

40- Do everything on this list!

Finally, we understand that these 40 things may be difficult to accomplish, especially if your 40th birthday is close. However, try to experience a few of them. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t do them all.

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