Where To Drink The Best Boba Tea In Cairo And Giza?

Mariam Youssef
8/31/23, 11:00 AM

Trying new things, especially food and drinks, is an exciting thing to do this summer. So, why not enjoy the amazing flavors that Boba tea or bubble tea offers? There are plenty of places and cafes that sell this tasty drink. Care to try? Read this article to know where to drink Boba tea in Cairo and Giza.

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Taiyaki is easily the number one Japanese dessert in Egypt. From delicious desserts to mochi to yummy Boba tea, you’ll be utterly satisfied with the overall experience.

Contact Information

Location: The Spot Mall / MOA, The Park / The Street by Qubix / City Hub / Mamsha Ahl Misr / Open Air Mall / Fyves Mall

Phone Number: 01115552030

Instagram: Taiyaki

Facebook: Taiyaki

Bubble Cafe

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Have you ever tasted honeycomb bubble tea? Well, now is the time for you to try it at Bubble Cafe. You’ll have a chance to taste all the amazing flavors. Don’t blame us if you get addicted.

Contact Information

Location: Zamalek, 6A Ismail Mohamed next to Hardee’s / Sheikh Zayed, Galleria 40 - 1st floor - Plaza area / Marassi, The Alley

Phone Number:

Instagram: Bubble Cafe


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From Matcha Milk Tea to  Matcha Cream Cheese, the variety of options at Yokozuna are endless. Enjoy your bubble tea on the go to feel refreshed and fueled with energy. The high-quality of this place makes its Boba drinks one of the best in town.

Contact Information

Location: Heliopolis, Cairo / Seashell, North Coast

Phone Number: 01099063850

Instagram: Yokozuna

Facebook: Yokozuna

Feng cha

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese Boba tea, look no further than Feng cha. There, you’ll find a great selection of drinks that will surely satisfy your cravings and make you feel energetic and ready for the day.

Contact Information

Location: Maadi / New Cairo

Phone Number: 01119770896/ 01552573031

Instagram: Feng cha

Facebook: Feng cha


In case you’re looking for a place that offers great coffee and amazing bubble tea, Arabica is the one. Not only does Arabica have delicious drinks, but it also offers tasty desserts that go perfectly with their drinks.

Contact Information

Location: Mobil Gas Station, Behind Concord Plaza / North 90st, Behind Masjid El Shorta / Marghani

Phone Number:

Instagram: Arabica

Facebook: Arabica


Zenzoo is the 1st authentic Taiwanese bubble tea in Egypt, so expect to find all the goodies you’re looking for. Although this place is known for its delicious Boba tea flavors, you’ll also find yummy mochi flavors that will dazzle you.

Contact Information

Location: Sheikh Zayed, Walk of Cairo

Phone Number:

Instagram: Zenzoo 

Facebook: Zenzoo

Boba Bear

Boba Bear is known for serving the freshest Boba in unique tasteful beverages. Don’t miss out on the summer-inspired drinks that will surely make you feel fresh and ready for the day.

Contact Information

Location: New Cairo / Almaza

Phone Number:

Instagram: Boba Bear

Facebook: Boba Bear


Momochi is the right place to go if you’re craving Japanese mochi. However, this place still offers one of the best Boba drinks in Cairo. You’ll be fascinated by the flavors and the high quality of all of the products.

Contact Information

Location: MOA Gate 19 / Flamingo Hypermarket / P90 / The Yard

Phone Number:

Instagram: Momochi

Facebook: Momochi


Contact Information

Location: CFC / City Stars / City Center Almaza / Arabella Plaza / Arkan / Mall of Egypt / The Field / Mall of Arabia

Phone Number: 01061999393

Instagram: Moishi

Facebook: Moishi



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