How To Turn Down A Marriage Proposal Politely?

Mariam Youssef
8/6/23, 6:00 PM

When you’re offered a position at a company that doesn’t suit you or is too far away from home, you probably stay all night thinking about how to turn down their offer without sounding ungrateful or rude. This is a situation that you’ve probably encountered and we dare say that it’s an uncomfortable one. However, when you receive a marriage proposal from the wrong person, things are way too complicated when it comes to saying no. That’s why we’ll share with you great tips on how to turn down a marriage proposal politely, so keep reading.

Now, there are two ways of receiving a marriage proposal: the one that we see in movies where the man kneels on one knee holding a ring and the arranged marriage proposals that usually come from relatives or friends of friends. We’ll show you how to tackle both situations in the best way possible.

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Rejecting the Hollywood proposals

Don’t decline his offer in public

Probably this man went through a lot preparing a nice proposal with balloons and photographers, so the best thing to do as a way of respecting his feelings is not to reject him in public. You don’t need to wear the ring though. Just tell him that you’ll think about it. Even if his proposal wasn’t exactly fancy or Hollywood-like, don’t give your answer right away, especially if you don’t want to embarrass him.

Don’t give false hopes

No matter how dear this person is to your heart, you shouldn’t be giving him false hopes, making him needlessly wait for you. While you don’t want to be blunt or rude, you should still state the reason behind your disapproval. This person has to know why you’re rejecting him, so make sure you tell him your reasons politely. Tell him that you love him as a brother and friend or that you don’t want to get married any time soon.

Save the situation before he’s on one knee

Girls tend to have antennae that enable them to sense what’s coming next. For example, if your male friend is being extra nice to you, dressed up, and wearing luxury perfume, you’d probably know that he’s up to something. Subtly, try to hint that you don’t want to get married now or that he’s only a friend. If you fail to notice all the signs, make sure to stop him from kneeling down on one knee as soon as you can. And don’t decline his offer in public (follow the first point).

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Rejecting the traditional arranged proposals

Tell them you’re not ready yet

Whether a friend or a distant relative recommends you to a bachelor as a possible future partner, when you’re talking directly to him, tell him that you’re currently focusing on your career and marriage isn’t something you’re thinking about now. You can also say that you’re too young to get married, especially since you haven’t thought about settling down yet. However, if you’re talking to his parents or the one who recommended you, tell them that you’re flattered that they thought about you as a worthy partner but you need to focus on your career at the moment.

Don’t communicate your decision during the meeting

Saying no to a marriage proposal can be embarrassing; however, saying no after the first arranged marriage meeting is hands down one of the most embarrassing moments ever. Whether you’re rejecting the proposal for his looks or character, it is difficult to state the actual reason without sounding impolite. Therefore, during the first meeting, don’t show any signs of approval or give off any negative energy; simply say that you’ll get back to them later. Once you’re sure about your decision, tell them that your personalities don’t match and you don’t think that you’ll be a good fit together.

Saying no after a one-on-one meeting

Let’s say that you, your prospective match, and both of your moms enjoy your first meeting and decide to go on a one-on-one meeting. However, in that meeting, you find out that he’s not the right fit for you. What should you do then? That depends on how things go between you and him. If both of you seem to have a great conversation but still don’t think he’s the one for you, contact him directly through a text message or phone call saying, “I enjoyed meeting you, but I think that we’re not compatible. Wish you the best of luck.” However, if after meeting him alone you still feel like strangers, approach your parents and ask them to reject the proposal on your behalf.

A dreamy, magical proposal is every girl’s dream. However, when it comes from the wrong person, it’s almost torture. Because being rejected is tough, try to decline the marriage proposal in a polite manner that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.



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