Red Flags You Can’t Ignore That Hint He Might Be a Cheater!
Mariam Youssef
5/1/23, 1:00 PM

Being physically or emotionally unfaithful to your partner while in a committed relationship is referred to as cheating. Cheating can take many various forms, including emotional, financial, or physical affairs. Cheating can also fall into a gray area that, if not addressed, is likely to have a negative impact on the relationship.

The rules of cheating change from one relationship to another because each one is unique. What was agreed upon in terms of relationship boundaries and what would happen if those boundaries were crossed are important factors that need to be addressed first. What one person might consider to be cheating might not have the same meaning in another relationship.

Nonetheless, we’re here to help you find out if your partner is the cheating type. Whether it’s emotional or physical, cheating is an intolerable action and a red flag that can destroy your relationship. That said, here are the red flags you can’t ignore that indicate that he might be a cheater.

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A huge change in communication

Everybody occasionally gets busy and forgets to check in with their partner. It happens, right? However, when the conversation changes and begins to sound different, this lack of communication becomes a problem. He used to talk to you and ask about your day, but he no longer does. He lately spends his time checking his phone, using the restroom more frequently, or he’s simply absent. He would rather concentrate on other things because the desire to connect is beginning to diminish.

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He’s not interested in you as he used to be

Life can interfere with your relationship, and work stress or feeling overwhelmed can also cause a loss of interest. Additionally, his level of interest could vary early on in a relationship. But if this behavior starts to repeat itself frequently, it could be a sign of cheating.

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An apparent change in his routine

Each of us follows a routine in order to live the lifestyle we like. You and your partner start to get used to certain patterns while you are in a relationship. But when these patterns start to change, you need to stop and think about what's happening. When he starts to “go to the gym” every day after work all of a sudden or when “urgent family matters” come up more frequently, you need to activate your inner sensor alarm. Sometimes, changes can be minor, so at first glance they might not be obvious. However, it's important to pay attention to any alterations and how they're explained.

He takes extra care of himself

Listen, if your man starts to take care of his personal hygiene, good for him and you! We’re always rooting for healthy habits and promoting personal hygiene. However, when this starts to happen all of a sudden, especially when he’s not into self-care, that’s a red flag right there. Moreover, the majority of people develop self-care routines like exercising at the beginning of the year as a new year's resolution or when the summer months come to show off their fit physique on the beach. This is acceptable. But if your partner starts dressing differently, wearing perfume, or being more conscious of his looks, it might be time to ask him about it or give it some thought.

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He starts criticizing you lately

We all have flaws that may require improvement and, in fact, make us who we are, but if your lover suddenly becomes critical of behaviors that previously did not concern him, this may be a sign that he is having an affair. When he’s seeing someone else, he starts to compare you to her in every aspect and criticizes you for not being like her (without mentioning her of course!).

He becomes noticeably distant

He can be sitting right next to you and feel so distant. Being distant has nothing to do with being physically present. When your partner starts to withdraw, you can tell and you should give him space to enjoy some privacy. Of course, stress at work or family issues could be to blame. However, eventually, he talks about these concerns. When he stops talking or sharing his concerns with you, the connection between you changes, especially as he grows emotionally and physically distant.

He’s unreachable although he’s on his phone a lot!

When you suddenly can't reach him and won't be able to reach him for extended periods of time, whereas you could before, we have a red flag. A partner who “works late,” for example, for no apparent reason can be a sign of cheating. Moreover, when you notice that he’s become more obsessed with his phone and very protective of it that he doesn’t allow you to check or even touch it even though he was okay with it in the past, you probably have a cheater.

His excuses don’t make sense

He comes up with excuses for why he cannot do something, his whereabouts, or who he was with. The story may change but things still don’t make sense. When your partner is being honest, his story will always be the same. However, if he’s hiding something or lying to your face, he will find it difficult to remember what he said previously. The more you ask him questions, the more he’s likely to gaslight you, blaming you for being nosy.

What should you do when you suspect him?

You can keep gathering more proof and analyzing it. However, talking right away would be a better strategy. Having structured conversations is the first step toward effective communication. This will assist you in staying on the same page, communicating your ideas, and identifying a convenient time for the both of you to discuss your concerns. Make sure when you start talking not to blame him instantly. Allow him to explain, justify, or express his feelings. After all, you might be mistaken about the whole situation and he truly is innocent.

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