Valentine's Day itself is cliche. Or that's what I personally think. Maybe I'm the kind of person who really loves to think outside of the box when celebrating special occasions, because normal is boring anyway! Create your own kind of Valentine's Day and have your special spin on it, by ditching the Valentine's Day cliches and looking for some cool alternatives.

1. All red everything.

All red and hearts, outfits, gifts and even ribbons and gift cards are the reason I like to avoid the streets on Valentine's Day. Of all the things you have in your wardrobe, why pick red? Don't get me wrong, I just love this fire hot color, but I think it's a big fat cliche on Valentine's Day.

Alternative: Go for a chic ensemble, or a figure-hugging dress to accentuate your curves and make you look as sexy as ever.

2. Perfume and chocolate as gifts.

The more picky and creative you are with your gifts, the more you catch your loved one off-guard and make this memory last! Break up with the perfume and chocolate combo gift, because you can't go wrong with a personalized gift.

Alternative: What is your man's favorite football team? Turn his favorite team's jersey into a personalized one by including his name on it along with the message 'My Number One.' Another good example, is a personalized pair of sneakers with his initials on it, new gym wear or even a spa membership.

3. Go out on a dinner date.

Dinner reservation for two is one of the most common things couples do on a Valentine's Day. Bust this Valentine's Day cliche, because you will most probably get bad service and the place will be just jammed.

Alternative: Stay in with your hubby and create an atmosphere for him he'll never forget. Cook a unique cuisine for him and pick matching outfits to go along with the mood. It would also be a good chance to embrace one of your intimate fantasies. If you're celebrating it with your boyfriend, cook a meal or bake a cake for him and you might as well enjoy it out in a park.

4. A full bouquet of roses.

The last thing you'd want to give to a guy is a bouquet of flowers. Lots of girls may love roses, but the thing about flowers, is that they die after a couple of days! So how about you give your man your own version of a bouquet?

Alternative: A nicely arranged basket of fruits, cookies or even chocolates will leave a sweet resemblance and taste! Two birds, one stone!

5. Love notes/cards.

If you hit any gift shop, it's likely to find plenty of gift cards bombarded with 'I love you.' Skip this altogether, and let your inner artist come to life.

Alternative: Write your own kind of poem and it doesn't have to rhyme at all! In fact, the worst it is, the better. You could also write a long list of the reasons why you truly love him. He will remember it always!

6. Romantic music.

Love should always be worshiped with good music and lyrics, but isn't it just too cliche to play fluffy music on Valentine's Day? Break the routine and turn up the volume with funky music on.

Alternative: Create a creative playlist that involves some oldies along with new party songs and listen to them while cruising around. You could also make your own kind of karaoke and sing along with the beat, when you're together alone!