Who said Valentine's Day was only about celebrating love in a romantic relationship? It's supposed to be about celebrating love in general and that includes loving yourself, friends and family. So this Valentine's Day, we're listing 19 amazing ways to spend Valentin's Day alone or with friends...

1. Practice self love. Valentine's is about love, which includes loving yourself. Remember to love yourself and do some acts and rituals of self love.

2. Watch 3 or 4 of your favorite movies.

3. Have a date night with yourself. Order some sushi, put out some candles and enjoy a lovely, cosy evening with yourself.

4. Travel to someplace close to the city or where you live for that day. Enjoy some relaxing alone time. 

5. Start a new book that will get you hooked all night. Or read an old favorite!

6. Book a stay at a hotel and pamper yourself to a lovely spa evening and 5 star dinner. 

7. Go to the movies, alone. Believe me, it's a liberating experience. 

8. Tell the people you care about that you love them. Text them individually cute texts of appreciation. 

9. Celebrate with a family member or a friend that you miss or haven't seen in a while. 

10. Go to a class that teaches something you've always wanted to learn, like cooking, pottery or painting.  

11. You shouldn't wait for someone to buy you gift, spoil yourself and buy yourself a gift that will excite you and make you happy. No one knows you like you. 

12. After you leave work, go to the mall and buy yourself the coziest and comfiest pjs ever. Go home, wear your new Pjs and go to bed straight away, binge watching your fav tv show. Is there anything more relaxing? Could be even better than a date!

13. If your partner is abroad and you can't be with him, FaceTime him! You can even dress up for each other and do a virtual date.

14. Cook an amazing meal for you and only you. 

15. Bake something delicious and chocolatey that you enjoy all by yourself. 

16. Gather around your other single friends, or any friends who don't have Valentine's Day plans, have a sleepover and make together an incredible breakfast in the morning .

17. Send all your friends and family flowers and cute cards showing them love!

18. Game night with the girls.

19. Have girl's night in and a Netflix Marathon night. Here are some of the most popular Netflix  shows now...You, Sex Education, Peaky Blinders, Breaking Bad, Jane the Virgin, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Stranger Things, Dracula.

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @officiallyquigley