Egyptian Cleaning Products: From Laundry to Sparkling Surfaces

Engy Elghannam
11/8/23, 3:30 PM

Egyptian products offer a diverse range of items that every household needs, from cleaning products to laundry detergents and household cleaning supplies. Prepare to explore a wide range of Egyptian laundry detergents with unique benefits. But that's not all; you'll also find Egyptian dishwashing soaps and versatile cleaning supplies with all-in-one solutions. Explore these high-quality products to enhance your lifestyle with cleanliness and freshness.

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What are the best Egyptian cleaning products?

Egyptian laundry detergent 

1. Oxi powder & gel

Oxi Automatic Laundry Detergent Powder offers a pleasant fragrance and a powerful formula to remove dirt and stains, keeping your clothes clean and vibrant. There's also a gel detergent option with the same effective formula, ensuring your clothes stay fresh and bright. 

2. ABC powder

ABC Powerhouse Oxygen Wash Powder is your solution for effectively removing dirt and tough stains while safeguarding your clothing's fabric. It's suitable for both white and colorful garments, and its distinctive ABC formula helps preserve the vibrancy of colors, preventing fading. 

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3. Madar powder

Madar powder is designed for use in both regular and top-loading (half-automatic) washing machines. It effortlessly removes even the most stubborn stains. This detergent is infused with a long-lasting, high-quality French perfume, ensuring your laundry smells fresh even after washing. 

4. Lang powder

Introducing Lang Automatic Powder, a laundry detergent with a refreshing fragrance. It offers you full-on whiteness for your clothes. With Lang, you can consistently maintain the brightness of your white clothes wash after wash.

5. Fom Body powder

Fom Body sets a new standard for laundry cleanliness by using Deep Clean Technology to effectively remove stubborn stains that many other detergents can't. It easily dissolves in water and leaves your laundry with a long-lasting, fresh scent. 

6. Lustar powder

Luster's strongest laundry detergent is the ideal solution for pristine white and colorfast clothes, and it's gentle on fabrics. It's a concentrated formula for removing even the toughest stains.

7. Shiny Powder & gel

 Full Automatic Power Oxygen Shiny Powder for both colored and white clothes, it also comes with a gel detergent that aids in softening the fabric. Designed to prevent the formation of any gel residue, this product has been expertly developed to ensure it doesn't harm your clothes' fabric.

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Egyptian Dishwashing Liquid Soap

1. Feba Dishwashing Liquid Soap

2. Frida Dishwashing Liquid Soap

3. Oxi Dishwashing Liquid Soap

4. Bono Dishwashing Liquid Soap

5. Wafeer Dishwashing Liquid Soap

6. Pure Dishwashing Liquid Soap

7. Shiny Dishwashing Liquid Soap

Egyptian Cleaning Supplies

1. Frida (floor cleaner, fabric freshener, spray air freshener, glass cleaner)

2. Clorel (floor cleaning, Liquid Multi-Purpose Cleaner)

3. Feba for (Automatic Dishwashing Rinse, automatic dishwashing powder, dishwasher protective salt)

4. Bono (clean fenique, bathroom cleanser)

5. Easy all-in-one solution for all your cleaning needs

6. My Choice, multi-purpose disinfectant




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