Your Easter holiday celebration doesn't have to be a bummer because you're stuck at home or you can't physically be with everyone you love. Let's try to make the best out of the situation and try to bring some joy and laughter to Easter Day. It starts with putting yourself in the right mindset, and then you can look for ways to celebrate Easter at home, whether it's cooking virtually with friends or enjoying the best of Easter activities for families.

Here's how we're trying to stay positive throughout the quarantine.

How to celebrate Easter at home:

1. Who says it's not Easter if you can't go out? Everything can be the same if the spirit is there. Dedicate your day to spending time as a family, cooking and eating together.

2. Make a playlist for the perfect spring and Easter songs, a day in advance, and start playing it the first thing in the morning to get in the spirit.

3. DIY some fake eggs and place a gift in one of them. The person who finds it first gets to call dibs on dessert.

4. Or you can keep the tradition in tact and paint Easter eggs at home.

If you want to get creative and unique with Easter eggs, watch this DIY Easter eggs video using natural colors!

5. Make an Easter egg hunt! Scatter and hide Easter egg toys around the house. The person who collects the most eggs in the least time wins.

6. Make a game night. There are so many board games or online games that are so entertaining and hilarious to play. Check these out.

7. Decorate the house by painting toys, old books and magazines, or any tickets in bright spring Easter colors.

8. Stock up on easter candy. Nothing says easter like bunny shaped chocolates. Make an online order to cheer the house up on Easter morning.

9. If you have kids, make a drawing or coloring competition. Let them bring out their creativity with drawing bunnies or painting eggs. You can even print out coloring pages for them.

10. You can spend the day with your kids doing creative activities like these.

11. Make a movie marathon night. Which movies remind you of spring and Easter time the most? Now make some popcorn and dim the lights...

12. Who doesn't have an Easter meal tradition? Spend the day cooking your favorite Easter dishes as a family.

13. If you can't be with your family, FaceTime them and spend the entire day together virtually...

14. can even cook together your family Easter recipes on FaceTime and make the best out of technology.

15. Cook or bake and send to your friends' doorstep some cozy Easter meals and desserts to cheer them up and celebrate together.

16. Have a virutal cooking competition with your friends. Pick an Easter recipe together and see which one finishes it first!

17. Or have a cooking competition with your husband. Who made the better dessert?

18. If the kids exhausted you all day, wait for them to go to bed and have an Easter date night with your hubby alone.

19. If your kids are missing spending Easter with their friends or cousins...FaceTime everyone and play music for them to goof around and dance to together.

20. Bake with your kids. It's really fun for them to play around with dough and flour and you can make cute fun cookies together.

21. Sit together and look through your favorite memes and GIFs from the past few weeks. It will be hilarious and a fun conversation starters that will put you in the gathering mood, even if you're talking online.

Here are some of our favorite quarantine memes...

22. Whether you're actually together or communicating virtually, pick a TV show to binge watch together at the same time and you can react together on the spot!

23. Make a bunny face drawing competition, post them on social media as a joke together and have your friends vote on the best one. Crazy, but potentially hilarious.

24. Take a virtual trip to your dream destination or museum! There's plenty online now.

25. Make your kids colorful fun healthy gummies that they can also enjoy watching you make.

Here's how to make natural healthy gummies.

26. If it's just you and your husband. Get creative in bed and put on some sexy and playful easter lingerie to have an exciting celebration in style.

27. Have a karaoke competition! You can even do it with your friends on an online Karaoke app.

28. and the same goes for charades of course!

29. Write a thank you note to your loved ones and send it to them. You can wish them happy Easter, thank them for being there for you and tell them how much you miss them and wish you could've spent the day together.

30. When the day's over, list down the activities or games you did together and have everyone rank them from 1-5. That way you can remember the most popular ones and do them again next year.

31. Create a TikTok Challenge and challenge all your friends to participate!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @karenwazen