For some people, thongs are something they can’t get enough of, for others they are those pretty lace things thrown in the back of the closet for the ‘maybe I can handle the wedge someday’. For me, I could never get used to them and I only pull them out when I’m wearing something that needs the ultimate hiding of panty lines. I'm still persistent that someday I’ll get to wear those cute Calvin Klein G-strings I got on sale, comfortably without having to visit the bathroom every 5 minutes to relieve the pain. So, I did a little digging on how to get used to thongs and here’s what I didn’t know and found out, I'll be testing these out ladies and telling you what I think:

1. Pick the perfect size

I think this was the biggest light bulb moment for me. When you're shopping for underwear you usually go for your normal panty size. What I wasn't aware of, is that you should adapt the size according to the type of underwear. A lot of people advise that going a size bigger than your normal underwear feels 10 times more comfortable, because the thin sting won't tug too hard against the skin and irritate you or give you that wedgie feeling.

2. Get used to them gradually

This is not a love at first wear situation. G-strings or thongs are like newly moving in with your hubby, it's amazing but it takes some getting used to. Wear them more than once a week for 2 or 3 three weeks straight to get used to the new sensation. People swear by how once you get used to them you barely start noticing them. The trick is to try to forget about it, every time it annoys you or you remember you're wearing it, distract yourself until you get used to it.

“It’s like wearing a watch. For the first day or two, you feel it but then after that, you don’t feel it at all. I always sleep in G-strings,” - said an Australian TV presenter who practically lives in them because of how comfortable she finds them.

3. The material

Make sure you pick a fabric you're comfortable with and used to. The softer the fabric, the less its going to irritate you and tug at your sensitive skin. G-strings with rough elastic materials can be painful, also lace bothers some people if it's not soft enough. Try cotton if you haven't, it might be the best option for you.

4. G-string or Thong?

I tried to find a concrete answer to this question, but I guess just like everything else in life, there isn't any. Some people like this and others like that, depends on your body and skin. Thongs are comfortable for some people because they feel more supportive and safer (check #5). However, people who easily get wedgies prefer G-strings because of their thinness, it does't bother them and they can barely feel it if its the right size. They're also ideal for white or pale sheer clothing, figure hugging dresses, pants and even that perfect tan on your honeymoon.

5. They’re not 100% safe!

It is not recommended to wear thongs or G-strings everyday, the minimal material can hold on to less moisture than your average underwear, therefore, potentially leading to irritation, inflammation and maybe a yeast infection. So, keep that in mind if you're genital area is really sensitive. Some G-string ropes can cause injuries if the material is badly stitched or the rope is too tight, so take care ladies!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @forloveandlemons