Your Well-Being Matters: Here Are Powerful Ways to Stand Up Against Workplace Bullying
Engy Elghannam
4/8/23, 1:00 PM

We all have the right to work in a safe and happy environment. Although sometimes work can be a pain, we should never feel humiliated or victimized at our job. If we feel that way, then this is bullying, and it’s not acceptable at all. Some people may often think that bullying won't affect employees, but they are mistaken. Moreover, people should be very aware of the signs of bullying and start taking action to stop it. Follow up to learn how to deal with bullying at work.

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How to know that I am bullied at work?

Deceived: This happens when someone is repeatedly lying to you and not telling the truth. In order to deceive you to get their way, he would also be lying by creating false hopes with no plans to fulfill them.

Ignored: When you feel intentionally ignored and that someone is avoiding or not paying attention to you. Here, I mean that someone is doing that with bad intentions, as some people may do that without meaning it, and you'll probably notice because it won't be repeated many times. As the one who is bullying will be selectively greeting or interacting with others and ignoring you repeatedly on purpose.

Feeling guilty: If you constantly feel that you are the problem, you may feel shamed for doing nothing, or you may feel inadequate and unworthy.

Isolated: You'll feel that you are intentionally excluded by someone to make you feel socially or physically isolated from a group; you may also notice that you are purposefully excluded from decisions, conversations, and work-related things.

Taking credit: You'll notice that the one who is bullying you is stealing credit for your ideas without acknowledging them.

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Undermining your work: This will happen from a bullying manager. You'll realise that your work is deliberately delayed and blocked, and you may also find that there is no progress on a project or assignment you have. Your employer may be promising you projects and then giving them to others, and this is betrayal.

Pitting over you You'll realise that the bully is pitting employees against you to drive competition and create conflict, he'll always be encouraging employees to turn against you.

How to deal with bullying at work?

Report bullying

Keep a private record for yourself to remember exactly when and why you felt bullied. It can be hard, but those reminders are very important if you want to report bullying. Keep a personal record for yourself to help you remember what has been said to you exactly and to show that you’ve been treated badly many times.

Ask to stop the bullying behavior 

Although it may not be easy to accuse a coworker of bullying behavior, it’s totally necessary to face and talk to the person who is displaying this bad behavior and try to explain that this behavior is unfair and offensive. If you feel unsafe talking to this person, you could ask someone—maybe a colleague that you trust to attend the meeting with you.

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Check the workplace bullying policy

You have to check if your workplace has a bullying policy. As it’ll give you all the information and ideas you need to know, including who to talk to, what processes you should follow, and the consequences that will be taken against the person who is bullying you.

Take it to the HR 

Some people may not feel comfortable talking to the person who's bullying them directly, so in this case, they can have a chat with the manager or HR about the next steps. They can use their personal record as a reference and clearly explain what’s been going on and how it’s affecting them. Here, HR should sort things out and give the person who's bullying a written warning. If talking to the HR isn’t possible or this doesn’t stop the bullying behavior that is happening, then it is time to take the issue even further.

Take it further

When you’ve tried everything but the bullying still won’t stop, then it’s probably time to report the abuse to someone outside of work. You've got to make things official by submitting an anti-bullying form through the fair work commission. Then the Fair Work Commission will investigate to understand what is going on. Depending on what they find, they'll deal with the application. Notice that if you’ve been physically or sexually assaulted, you can report this to the police.

All employees deserve to work in a fair, respectful, and comfortable work environment where they don't need others around them, particularly those in positions of authority, to be controlling them in a bad way or manipulating their behavior. 

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