Thank god for beauty bloggers! Why? Because over the past few years they made our lives so much easier by teaching us so much about makeup and skincare. They revealed hacks and tricks that made such a big difference in our makeup and skincare routines. Since there are a lot of bloggers nowadays residing in the middle east we thought we’d shed light on them so you get to know the talented bloggers around you to follow for inspiration. Here are our favorite beauty bloggers from the UAE.

Huda Kattan

What could we say that you already don’t know! She ‘s everyone’s favorite. Before founding her international brand Huda Beauty, she did makeup tutorials and skincare tips that women from across the middle east and the world were crazy about. Huda is very influential when it comes to makeup and if you watch her videos you will certainly learn so much.


Image Credits: Instagram @hudabeauty

Najla Gun

Najla is a professional makeup artist, beauty and fashion blogger that travels the world. She makes amazing makeup tutorials and demonstrates her skincare routines. She's an expert at flawless base makeup and her natural curls are stunning!


Image Credits: Instagram @najla_gun

The Tezzy files

Tezzy will teach how to come up with amazing makeup looks, break down all the makeup techniques you need to know, as well as hair products and styles. She is also really talented when it comes to accessories and finding the right outfits. 


Image Credits: Instagram @thetezzyfiles

Diana Chipar

Diana ‘s account is all about fashion and beauty. She dresses up like she is going to the met gala and wears the most daring colorful eye makeup. Following her will give you a style upgrade.


Image Credits: Instagram @dianachipar


This blogger will take you along with her as she travels the world and will let you in on how to do the right makeup shopping and what products you need to get your hands on.


Image Credits: Instagram @missmulberry


The French blogger based in Dubai loves to make videos about beauty, she will teach you everything from how to choose and apply the perfect falsies to how to make your hair look perfect every day.


Image Credits: Instagram @befrenshee

Main Image Credits: Instagram @najla_gun