Black Friday 2022: Special Discounts on Skincare And Hair Products From Zynah
Jasmine Kamal
11/21/22, 2:30 PM

Black Friday is an amazing opportunity to get various products at the cheapest prices. Most stores offer attractive discounts, in which people usually take the opportunity to buy most of their needs. And since no woman can live without skin, hair, body, nail, and makeup care products, Zynah online store (part of Fustany) that delivers to anywhere in Egypt decided to provide a group of the most requested and recommended products at reduced prices of up to 30% discount. Just keep reading to know more about the discounts…

Note: Offers and discounts are available on Zynah’s website until the end of November.

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1- The best-seller bundle

This group includes 13 products that are among the best-selling products on Zynah as it provides you with complete care for the body, starting from hair and skin to nails and makeup. So you won’t have to look for the products you need in several places. Instead, you can get them all in one box from the same place.

Shop the entire collection and learn more about the products here>>

2- For fine lines and wrinkles bundle

Are you in your twenties and want to take care of your skin and delay the appearance of skin wrinkles? Or are you in your early thirties and trying to reduce the spread of fine lines and preserve the youthfulness of your skin? No matter how old you are, Zynah is here for you. We’ve collected 4 products for you in one group to protect your skin from wrinkles.

Learn more about the products and shop here>>

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3- Dark spots, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone bundle

Dark spots are one of the most annoying things that can happen to our skin, and their treatment requires several products that must work together, so Zynah provided the best 3 products for treating dark spots and pigmentation in one box.

Learn more about the products and shop here>>

4- Anti-hair loss bundle

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Everyone knows that black garlic is one of the most effective things in the treatment of hair loss. So Zynah presents you with a set of 4 products that are known for their ability to reduce hair loss.

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5- Curly hair care bundle

Is your hair curly or wavy and you want to give it special care? Then you, undoubtedly, need the curly hair care kit that Zynah provides. It includes 4 different products from the famous “Raw African” brand, which is known for its high-quality curly hair products.

Shop the entire collection here>>

6- Get Rid of Acne Bundle

One of the best-selling groups on Zynah is the facial pimple set as it includes 5 products, all of which work to rid you of annoying skin pimples. It is enough just to stick to it to get the best results.

Learn more about the products and shop here>>

7- Get thicker eyebrows bundle

Do you dream of having thick fluffy brows? Do not worry; this set is here to save you! It includes 3 of the most effective products in intensifying and thickening eyebrows.

Shop the entire collection here>>

8- The Cellulite bundle

Whether you have cellulite and want to reduce its appearance or want to protect your skin and avoid cellulite, this set will achieve the desired goal. It includes 3 products that are recommended to be used twice a week to get the best results.

Learn more about the products, how to use them, and shop them here>>

9- Get healthy and long nails bundle

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Getting strong nails requires extreme care and the use of products that strengthen and nourish nails. Thankfully, Zynah provides you with the nail breakage treatment set, which includes 3 products that every girl needs.

Shop the entire collection here>>

10- Moroccan bath at home bundle

Don't have enough time to go to a spa to exfoliate your body and have a Moroccan bath session? It's okay. This group will transfer the Moroccan bath to your home with these 3 products that it includes.

Get the entire collection here>>

Find out more about Zynah's Black Friday offers here>>

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