Did you notice the diversity of shoes and sandals on the market this season? Bright colors, neon shades, heavy pumps, massive heels, and many other designs caught our eyes this summer. Shoes and sandals trends this summer are completely different from last year’s, and we’re here for it. Many fashion addicts and bloggers have styled them differently with their outfits, which encouraged us to write this article today, so we can highlight some shoe designs that will be on fleek this summer.

From bulky heels to strappy sandals to flats, here are 8 shoe and sandal trends in summer 2022:

1. Wedges

shoes sandals 2022 trends fustany

Image credit: elle.com

We expect that this summer is going to be full of big and bulky shoes. We're already seeing this design pop up everywhere on fashion shows and we think that these wedges look more vibrant and lively than ever. We speak for almost every girl when we say we really want a pair of these shoes in our wardrobe.

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2. Retro Sneakers

shoes sandals 2022 trends fustany

Image credit: whowhatwear.com

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Retro sneakers were a huge trend last year and we've seen them in many stores and noticed that many fashion blogs styled them beautifully, encouraging their continuation this year too. These sneakers are inspired by basketball sneakers like the New Balance 550s which are a huge trend in the fashion world.

3. Peep-Toe Shoes

shoes sandals 2022 trends fustany

Image credit: sassydaily.com

Peep-toe heels are everywhere now and we think that many local brands have already started to add them to their new collections. Whether you’re looking for pointy-toe flats, sharp heels, or geometric square heels, you will find many designs that you will love and that will complete your shoe collection.

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4. Strappy Sandals

shoes sandals 2022 trends fustany

Image credit: whowhatwear.com

Whether you’re going for flat sandals or heeled ones, you’ll find plenty of strappy shoe and sandal designs this season. These are made for you, especially if you’re done with the traditional summer shoes and want to take your look to the next level. Do not hesitate to buy these sandals this season as they’ll be perfect for many outfits, occasions, and outings.

5. Neon Shoes and Sandals

shoes sandals 2022 trends fustany

Image credit: instyle.com

This summer, everything in fashion is bold and full of liveliness and cheerful colors, especially neon colors. Footwear in green, pink, yellow, and any bright color, are available everywhere, so choose whichever suits you. You can create fantastic outfits with these sandals and shoes, turning a boring outfit into something really special and fun.

6. Fisherman Sandals

shoes sandals 2022 trends fustany

Image credit: whowhatwear.co.uk

Whenever an international brand drops a new shoe design and it goes viral, know that this trend is here to stay. And that’s exactly what happened with the chunky sandals, also known as fisherman sandals, that many bloggers approve of this summer.

7. Chunky Flat Sandals

shoes sandals 2022 trends fustany

Image credit: lecatch.com

Last summer, bulky and oversized sandals were super trendy. It turns out that the world didn't have enough of them yet because they're totally viral this summer too. That may be because they go with almost every summertime outfit and look. Therefore, we recommend you to buy one of these, especially in white, black, and nude to go with everything in your wardrobe.

8. Flats

shoes sandals 2022 trends fustany

Image credit: thecoolhour.com

International brands, such as Miu Miu have included flats in their Winter collection. However, fashion addicts couldn’t wait until then and decided to include flats in the 2022 fashion summer trends.

Finally, tell us which of these designs do you like best and will include in your shoe collection this summer?