Effortlessly chic Parisian style has become iconic. Fashion lovers all over the world are interested and charmed by how to dress like a French woman. French girls have mastered the art of looking effortless sexy and chic with their 'I woke up like this hair', perfectly imperfect red lips, denim and crisp shirts. So let's get talking about some fashion tips that can help us channel Parisian style

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1. Shop for high-quality basic pieces

Parisian Outfit Ideas

French style tends to be very simple. When shopping think of buying less stuff, but more high quality pieces. Invest more in your basics, like really good jeans and an amazing button down that will last you a lifetime and stay timeless.

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2. One statement

Parisian Outfit Ideas

This doesn't mean Parisian style doesn't include statement pieces. It does, but in an outfit, 1 special statement stealing the show is enough. It could be a bag for a pop of color or bold earrings.

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3. Neutrals 

Parisian Outfit Ideas

Neutrals like beige, white, grey, black and navy are very common with Parisian style. Not only is it a very chic color palette, but also something that will make styling a lot easier. 

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4. Find the pieces for you

Parisian Outfit Ideas

I also noticed by following French fashion bloggers on Instagram, that they really understand their sense of style, bodies and what pieces look amazing on them. Their looks are so effortless and exude confidence because they're really smart at shopping and knowing how to pick pieces that really suit them. 

5. Elegance and comfort are inseparable

Parisian Outfit Ideas

We always hear that elegance is tiring and not easy...to look chic, you need painful heels and clothes that aren't comfortable. But Parisian women do not follow this concept. They put chicness and comfort together in one place. Their looks are both comfy, easy to have on and wear, but also very chic. Which is why they always look so effortless.

6. Trends aren't a priority 

Parisian Outfit Ideas

I think the thing about Parisian style is that it doesn't always stick to what's on trend right now. It's more timeless with classic pieces that never leave our wardrobes. A lot of French women love fashion and dressing up, but they're not always all about what's on trend or what's popular in stores right now, they like pieces that will never go out of style. 

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7. 'Sportswear belongs to the gym'

Parisian Outfit Ideas

I don't know how they do it, but this is what my Parisian girlfriend told me two years ago. When she came for a quick visit to Egypt, she told me that we have a more American take on our style. When I asked her why, she told me, that Parisian women only wear sportswear when they're exercising, but they don't wear yoga pants to work or to meet up friends.

8. Not into obvious brand logos

Parisian Outfit Ideas

What struck me recently is that most French fashion bloggers don't go for bags or clothes bearing statement brand logos. With a little research, I found that Parisian girls avoid any show of obvious luxury or something screaming that it's expensive. They're more into a subtle show of luxury. It's there but not everyone can necessarily tell. 

9. Less is more

Parisian Outfit Ideas

Parisian fashion is all about a smart balance. A lot of skin isn't often shown, but still the outfits can be very sexy. The sexiest thing about French women is the subtlety of their looks. If they're going for something sexy you'll often see a glimpse of it or a smart way of having the overall look be sexy, without seeing an obvious reason why. 

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10. Finally, short heels are your best friend

Parisian Outfit Ideas

Although the Parisian women seek comfort, that doesn't mean they always have sneaker and flats on. They also love heels, but the streets of Paris seem to see more short heels than really hight heels. Try out kitten heels and 3 cm heels.