Beanies don't only keep our ears really warm they're also a real cool winter accessory to have. But when I was preparing for this article, I had in mind that beanies can only be worn way and casually, like with a sweater and jeans. My perspective has completely changed after seeing beanie outfit ideas on bloggers. They can be worn in many different ways. Check out how to wear beanies...

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Neutral beanies for a chic look

how to wear a beanie in a chic way

Winter clothes make it so easy to look chic. If you want to add a beanie but still have your final look  be really chic, you can pick one in a neutral color, like white, grey, black or beige so it can go with most of your outfits. You can even use it for a cool monochrome look like the one on the left. 

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Bright colored beanie outfits

how to wear a bright colored beanie

A colorful beanie can be amazing and a nice way to add a pop of color and liveliness in winter. You can wear it with a coat in the same color, contrast it with other colors in your outfit or you can also try adding it to an all black or white look to bring in some color. 

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How to style beanies with dresses

how to wear beanies with dresses

I thought that it impossible to wear a beanie with a dress, but I found ideas that actually look great and can work. Like this satin dress or a simple sweater dress with a beanie in a neutral color. 

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How to wear beanies with a formal chic look

how to wear a beanie with a formal outfit

I always thought I had to give up my beanie on my way to work, but it can actually go with classic formal wear. We recommend you go for a blacken to make the overall look chic and subtle. Don't forget to pair it with a formal coat and sweater.

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