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Pain During Sex? Find Out More About The Causes And Treatment

Mariam Youssef
7/24/23, 9:05 AM

The causes of painful intercourse might range from physical problems to psychological issues. Many women experience painful sexual encounters throughout their lives. Dyspareunia (dis-puh-ROO-nee-uh) is the medical name for painful sex and is characterized as ongoing or recurrent pain in the genitals that happens just before, during, or after sex. If you're experiencing painful sex, consult your doctor. Treatments target the underlying issue and can help reduce or eradicate this widespread issue. Today, we’ll talk more about painful sex, its causes, and treatment, so keep reading.

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What’s the cause behind painful sex?

Many things can result in pain while having sex. From minor discomfort to severe pain or even stomach discomfort during sex, the intensity can vary. Here are a few of the most typical causes of women experiencing pain during sex:

Medical and physical problems

Many women suffer from painful sex due to medical or physical conditions, such as vaginal dryness, types of medicines, giving birth, infection, vulvar disorders, or Endometriosis.

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Emotional reasons or traumas

Relational and emotional issues can sometimes be at the heart of a problem. Not giving enough opportunity for a sexual reaction. Your body might not feel sufficiently stimulated for sex if there isn't enough time for foreplay. Moreover, painful sex can result from a relationship. Psychological and emotional issues usually affect sexual intercourse. Your pain may also result from a fear of suffering. Your vagina may unconsciously constrict if you are concerned about pain. This could result in an endless cycle of increased sexual pain.

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When and how to talk to your doctor about this problem?

Sexual discomfort is not normal. Book an appointment with your doctor if you regularly experience painful sex.

It can be awkward to discuss private pain with your doctor, especially male doctors. However, be confident that your doctor has seen similar queries. Instead of seeing your family doctor, look for an ob-gyn.

To discuss pain during sex with your doctor, use these strategies:

  • If your partner is willing, bring him.
  • Don't leave bringing up the issue until the last minute of the appointment.
  • Have a list of your signs and questions with you.
  • Don't forget anything. Your doctor should make every effort to help your condition, but they can't do that unless they have all the information.

Painful sex diagnosis and treatment


Your doctor will try to identify and treat the precise source of your discomfort. They may carry out one or more of the following procedures to correctly identify the source of painful sex:

  • Full pelvic examination
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Diagnosis Laparoscopy 
  • Test of urine

In addition, your doctor will want to hear about any additional illnesses you may have. They will also inquire about any psychiatric issues that can influence your feelings towards sex. (For instance, have you ever been sexually abused?)


The cause of your discomfort will determine the course of your treatment. It could include both prescription drugs and DIY treatments. Your treatment could be:

  • Drugs to lessen the pain of sexual activity.
  • Lubricants for the bedroom.
  • A different kind of contraception.
  • Infection-fighting antibiotics.
  • Physical treatment for the pelvis.

With the correct care, you should be able to resume a fulfilling and healthy sexual relationship. Don’t wait too long or postpone getting examined. You deserve to have a fruitful, enjoyable sex experience with your husband.

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