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Fustany's Wrap-Up: These Are Our Best and Most Read Articles in 2019

We're back again with another Fustany Wrap-up. We love to look back at the past year and see what you guys loved reading about, so we can give you more of it. This year was really fun with a lot of diversity and interesting conversations. So, we're excited to show you our best and most read Fustany articles in 2019. 

You can scroll through each section and click on the title to read what was all the fuss about!


Hair clips were all the rage and it was our most read fashion article this year. Also, mommies to be wanted to see inspiration on how they can amp up their comfy maternity outfits. Elie Saab's son got married and you guys couldn't wait to see everything about the wedding. Hijabis were excited to start shopping for Burkinis and in the winter we all wanted to know how we can wear skirts without freezing our legs off! 

1. '90s Hair Clips/Pins Are Back and so Are the Endless Ways to Wear Them


2. 18 Pregnancy Outfit Ideas for a Casual But Cute Maternity Style! 

3. 7 Tips on How to Wear Skirts in Winter Without Freezing 

4. Elie Saab's Son Got Married and You Should See What the Bride and Attendees Wore 

5. These Brands Will Help You Find the Best Burkini for Modest Swimwearers 


With beauty you were dying to know how to choose your nail polish with your outfit. You wanted to watch how to create sexy smokey eyes, but you also wanted to take care of skin's sensitivity after threading. And let's not forget about the PMS signs that just keep getting more and more confusing. 

1. How to Pick Your Nail Polish According to Your Outfit


2. The Top Trending Haircuts That You Want to Try in 2019 

3. How to Treat Skin Irritation After Threading 

4. 14 Signs You Are PMSing 

5. Copy These 10 Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials for a Sexy Evening Look 


Sometimes you're just lost for words when it comes to your man, and that's okay, so you loved reading about the different ways you can express how much you miss him. We all bonded over how much we sometimes just really really REALLY hate our periods. Everyone got curious about scorpio women. We tired a magical burger recipe and a patch that can get rid of your pimple overnight!

1. 30 Adorable Ways to Tell Your Man You Miss Him


2. 13 Reasons Why Women Hate Periods...Number 7 Will Not Surprise You 

3. The Scorpio Woman

4. This Magical Burger Recipe Will Make Your Kids Forget About Fast-Food! 

5. You Must Try This Magic DIY Acne Patch for Overnight Pimple Healing


You really can't get enough of horoscopes, so your favorite quiz was finding out which horoscopes works best with you. Of course Game of Thrones ended this year and everyone had their opinions about the ending, and so you gave us yours..

1. Which Male Zodiac Sign Is the Most Compatible with You?


2. Which Game of Thrones Ending Did You Actually Want?

3. Which Type of Mother-in-Law Will You Be?

Fustany TV

Laila Eloui herself joined our Fustany TV and you guys were super excited about that. You were also really interested in watching how you can wrap your bandana. 

1. A Talk With Laila Eloui: Her Love for Art, Film and Her Acting Journey


2. 5 Ways to Wear and Wrap a Bandana for Short Hairstyles

3. Quick Skincare Routine to Help Fix Dull, Tired and Dehydrated Skin!


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